Consecrate your family to Jesus through Mary!

Learn why St. Louis de Montfort called Marian consecration the “surest, easiest, and shortest” way to becoming a saint.  Bring your entire family or class along on a journey of knowing Mary at a deeper level and allowing her to lead you to Jesus.  From the cross, Jesus gave Mary to us as our mother.  By entrusting ourselves to her, we can come closer to Him.  With materials for the whole family, or religion classes of any age, Marian Consecration for Kids & Families offers a wonderful journey of faith you can all take together!


The Marian consecration text for adults and adolescents is complemented by a comic book with Sister Lucia leading a journey to Marian
consecration that younger children will enjoy.

Coloring Book

Let younger children get hands-on with the Marian consecration coloring book.


Sister Lucia leads children through 33 days of preparation for Marian consecration with short, animated videos that the entire family will enjoy.

Plan Your 33-Day Consecration to Jesus Through Mary!

Marian Consecration for Kids & Families helps families and religion classes plan their preparation for consecration to Jesus through Mary. The step-by-step 33-day preparation helps Catholics of every age know Mary more deeply and understand her role in leading us to Jesus. Through Scripture, reflection, and prayer, your faith will grow as you appreciate the motherly role God has given Mary for all of us.

Marian Consecration for Kids & Families has materials for Catholics of every age, from young children to adults. They are aligned so everyone can make the journey of faith together. By providing a clear 33-day preparation, this program allows Catholics to plan their consecration for a Marian feast day and to get ready for it in a systematic, spiritually fulfilling way.

Plus Tons More Engaging Content Online!
Supplement physical media with a host of online features available on the Marian Consecration for Kids website and mobile app! Features include
engaging eBooks, faith-filled videos, heartfelt prayers, interactive activity pages, and daily activities to nurture young hearts in faith, knowledge,
and creativity.
Engaging stories, colorful illustrations, and educational content that makes learning about the Catholic faith fun and accessible.
Coloring Pages
Catholic-themed coloring pages that foster creativity and spiritual connection as children bring to life sacred images and stories from their faith.
Fun and informative videos that explain complex concepts with engaging visuals and relatable stories, nurturing children’s understanding of their
Catholic faith.
Daily Activities
Daily Scripture readings, videos, printables and faith-based family activities that foster daily spiritual growth.
Discover and learn essential Catholic prayers that will nurture a strong foundation of faith and closeness to God.
Fun and educational printables for kids, offering worksheets, puzzles, quizzes and more to inspire learning and creativity in the faith.
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What’s Included?
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